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Innova Supernova is a range of dye sublimation products. Launched in 2021 the range represents a diversification of the Innova Art product line. Given the significance of diversifying into a new market area, Innova Art wanted to create a new identity specifically for this group of products.

The name of the product line was created by the R&D team discussing the multiple vibrant colours which the range can reproduce. The association was formed with deep space supernovas. Once the name was decided, the challenge became how to capture this in a visual identity.

It was important that the product mark could be associated with the primary Innova Art identity. This was because many of the target customers also operate in the core market for the company. It was felt that creating a visual link could be an opportunity to gain wider recognition for the Innova brand.

The final result is mark with a graphic element which can be utilised in a number of ways. Including as a clipping mask for images in print and animated for use in moving image applications. This flexibility in presentation allows the logo to reflect the dynamism associated with supernovas. The text elements of the final mark link back to the primary identity, reflecting the typography used in the primary Innova logo and body copy for branded documents.

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