About Kirsty-Anne


My name is Kirsty-Anne Ward, I am a content creator who is interested in the craft of design and the science of marketing.

As a visual designer I create assets which communicate through print and digital media. I usually take a conceptual approach. Starting with the ‘big idea’ then refining the elements to create a solution inline with relevant goals.

As a marketer, I use my fascination with analytics and the way people behave to identify the most appropriate communication channels. I look to target a message in a way which brings the best return. Digital media is particularly interesting to me because of the opportunities to test and refine campaigns over time.

I am naturally curious, always questioning how and why. I see formal qualifications as a foundation to build on and currently hold a BA (Hons) Graphic Design as well as a CIM (Level 4) Certificate in Digital Marketing. Continuous improvement is important to me so I am always learning, attempting to put new skills and knowledge into practice.

Software Skills

I am familiar with many programmes that are a part of Adobe Creative Suite. Particularly those developed for print design, post production and motion graphics such as InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects. I use SketchUp to create visual representations of environmental designs and create interactive email and website visuals using HTML and CSS.

Outside of design software, I have excellent working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications and have experience with the equivalent Apple software. I am also experienced with using Google analytics to report on website metrics, able to work with various website CMS, and use CRM databases to build audiences and report demographics. Additionally, I am familiar with the process of creating and sending email campaigns using MailChimp.


I have created various brochures, videos and online graphics as well as managed multiple international trade show stands and other creative projects. For full details of my employment history, please see my LinkedIn profile.

Why LittleSnippet?

I am always asked why I chose not to use my name as the domain for my portfolio site. The answer is relatively simple. This site is not who I am, it is just one part of the whole: as a graphic designer and as a person. Therefore, little snippet seemed like an appropriate moniker.

Recent Projects