About Me

Hello, I’m Kirsty-Anne Ward, a multidisciplinary designer based in Essex.

My route into becoming a designer came from a love of print. Enticed by the traditional methods, I began to learn more. Leading me into the field of visual communication.

Once I had started to explore the world of graphic design, I realised I had a genuine passion for making things. Whether using traditional or digital techniques, my love of physical objects in print has not dimmed. It has been augmented by a keen interest in creating digital output.

I enjoy the additional challenges in creating complete digital outputs: crafting a website from lines of code, creating a photo realistic image without a camera. I also enjoy the complimentary relationship between print and digital, using animated and live action motion graphics to tell stores in different ways. There are times where I am working on digital projects and seeing the design come to life still feels like magic.

Please take a look at my LinkedIn profile to get an idea of my experience to date, browse through my portfolio for examples of previous projects, or contact me to start a conversation.