About Kirsty-Anne


My name is Kirsty-Anne, I am a visual content creator working across print and digital mediums.

I have spent time formally studying visual communication, including a BA (Hons) Graphic Design. I am naturally curious, continuing to learn more every day. I enjoy experimentation, learning new skills and getting hands on with projects. I find satisfaction in bringing theory and ideas to life using print or digital techniques to make conceptual designs a functional reality.

In addition to my graphic design degree I also hold a CIM (Level 4) Certificate in Digital Marketing. Completing this course enabled me to understand in detail the close links between design and marketing theory.

Software Skills

I am familiar with many programmes that are a part of Adobe Creative Suite: primarily those developed for print design, post production and motion graphics. I also understand the process of building basic 3D models. Outside of design, I have a good working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications.

In addition to software applications, I have a good understanding of HTML and CSS. Experience with website CMS interfaces, working with CRM databases and email marketing clients.


I have worked as part of the marketing team at Innova Art since 2012. For full details of past experience, please see my LinkedIn profile.

Why LittleSnippet?

This is a frequent question when people find out the address of my website. The answer is relatively simple: a passion for design is only part of who I am. This website shows only a small part of the design process. Therefore ‘little snippet’ seemed accurate as a description to summarise what is usually the end result of a project.

Recent Projects