Photokina 2018 Trade Show Stand and Gallery Space

For Innova Art, Photokina 2018 centered on celebrating the beauty of humankind: the philosophy behind the Atlas of Humanity project.

At the 2018 show, there were two spaces featuring Innova Art products. The main stand within the exhibition hall as well as a gallery dedicated to showcasing the Atlas of Humanity project between the exhibition spaces.

For the main Innova Art stand, it was important that visitors familiar with the company could recognise the stand as an Innova space. Visitors unfamiliar with the company needed to be able to get a brief overview of what the company does. This was accomplished with the prominent display of the Innova logo and smaller signs briefly summarising the types of products available from Innova. To draw visitors to the space, and link with the gallery display area, Atlas of Humanity images were featured prominently.

The gallery space focused on the Atlas of Humanity project. The images themselves told the story. Showing the different faces of humanity, from many cultures around the world. The display had to be cohesive and flow freely, this was accomplished by working closely with the curator of the Atlas of Humanity collection. As the display was created in association with Innova Art, the company logo and product descriptions were included in a more subtle way within this space.

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