Innovation Hub Andover

Innovation Hub Andover is a multi functional space where creative professionals can capture images, print inkjet editions, hold exhibitions as well as host seminars and meetings. The brief was to create an identity with a subtle visual association with the identity of Innova Art. Then translate this identity across the interior of the building and all other touch points. The aim was to create a space that could be linked to Innova Art but that could also be a more neutral location for any events hosted by artists, photographers and tutors with their own brand to represent.

The identity was created based on the same main typeface as the Innova logo type. This was presented in title case to differentiate from the Innova small caps and then rendered using hand drawn typography for a softer finish. The graphic element and palette of the logo was influenced by the colour wheel in reference to the space being targeted at creative professionals. The muted tones were selected to enable them to recede into the background when required. Each primary colour of the wheel is slightly translucent: secondary colours emerge where each spoke overlaps.

Before starting work on the space, a digital walk through was created using a 3D model to illustrate the concept of how the space would look, feel and function. This walk through became a valuable tool for promoting the space online and at events.

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