Photo Plus Expo 2017 Trade Show Stand

The story of Photo Plus Expo 2017 focused on the collaborative process of creating artwork. Featuring work from photographer Jim McHugh and street artists Big Sleeps and Prime. Demonstrating the strength of collaborative creative work, the range of applications for Innova inkjet media and the potential for use with traditional artists materials. The Innova Art team working the stand were joined by the team responsible for creating much of the artwork on display.

Each piece of work on the stand was created by one, two or all of the artists. Prime and Big Sleeps also painted live on the stand for a few hours every day. Showing visitors that although Innova archival fine art and photo papers are designed for inkjet printing, they can be used for original art with traditional materials too.

The design of the stand was well received with visitors equally engaged by the live artwork and the qualities of Innova products.

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