Innova Sign & Decor Portfolio

The Innova Sign & Décor portfolio demonstrates the ethos of Innova Art as a manufacturer of applications. The project was initiated by the team responsible for selling the ranges now presented under the Sign & Décor banner. They highlighted that some customers were struggling to understand the applications they could be used for.

To address this; three elements were adapted from the original method of presentation. The Innova website was updated to improve the user experience, based on browsing by application. Offline, the ranges were presented in their own printed guide with a cover prominently featuring the portfolio logo, to differentiate from the standard Innova product guide including all products. Printed products that were previously presented as separate, individual samples were bound together into a swatch book under the Innova Sign & Décor name.

The biggest change was in the way that users could navigate the Innova Art website. Landing pages were created for each of the application areas served by Innova Art: Sign & Décor, Inkjet Fine Art Photo Papers & Canvas, Photo Retail & Display. Filters were also added so that users can browse the entire product range with various applications in mind.

Initial feedback from the Innova team is that the update has been well received by customers. Website analytics show that the flexibility of browsing options provided by product filters has been utilised by visitors: resulting in a 20% lower exit rates on category level product pages within the first three months.

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