Innova Editions® Identity, Literature and Packaging

The Innova Editions® brand was created to celebrate the partnership between Innova Art and Fabriano. The papers selected to be a part of the range represent the highest archival standards: qualities sought by museums and artists creating inkjet prints.

The design of the project began with creating a visual identity which differentiates this range from other archival inkjet media ranges offered by Innova. A subtle change was made to the Innova logo, small variants on the normal colour palette and tag line to ensure this new range was still connected to Innova.

Changes in presentation were made to highlight the different paper qualities in comparison to the other inkjet media ranges offered by Innova. Artist biographies and testimonials are featured prominently within the range guide. Multiple symbols are used alongside the product description as a quick reference for the qualities of each paper.

The swatch book was created in a square format with some papers cut smaller to enable side by side comparison. In a change from other Innova swatch books, the Innova Editions® swatch book can also be used as a product catalogue: all available formats are listed on insert pages for each surface type, alongside a description of each surface and an overall introduction to the range at the front of the book. A trial pack was created to accompany the swatch book, this includes a blank sheet of each paper in the range to facilitate testing by interested printmakers.

Packaging for sheet boxes include both lid and base prints to provide consumers with more information within a retail environment. Labels feature a foil finish to heighten the luxury experience and hint at the quality within.

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