Fifteen Years of Innova Art Book

In 2018, Innova Art celebrated fifteen years in business. Created primarily as a gift for the owners of the company as well as for the staff and customers to be able to look back at what they have achieved. This book shows much of the content by and about Innova Art from the company archives.

Arranged in chronological order, the contents include press coverage, news stories and adverts. The colours shown on the outer edge of the book denote each year that is featured. Linking back to the origins of the company, each year is highlighted using a colour from the logo designs used by Innova throughout the years. The end papers and dust jacket feature photographs from various trade shows and show the evolution of the logo over the years.

Intended as a limited edition of five books, the paperback was outsourced to a print shop with HP indigo presses. The dust jacket was printed in Innova Art’s own print studio using one of the first archival inkjet fine art papers manufactured by Innova. This was then finished by hand and applied to the books.

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